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Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Kitchen

School is out, temperatures are warm, and the long-anticipated summer season is finally upon us! There is something so joyous about packing away the cold weather sweaters and breaking out the suntan lotion. If you’re a big fan of summer, you know the feeling we’re talking about! Now, what if we told you there was a way to preserve some of that warm and cozy feeling in your kitchen all year long?

Whether you are wanting to move away from your classic kitchen or looking to add some summer-inspired interest to your home, here are five ways to add warmth to your kitchen design:

1. Wood

Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL
Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL

Integrating wood tones is one of the most versatile ways to add warmth to your kitchen design as it can be incorporated in many different ways. One of the most obvious would be to choose a nice wood stain for your kitchen cabinetry. We’ve seen light wood stains make a huge comeback recently both in cabinetry and flooring, and the results never seem to fall flat. If you typically like the look of painted cabinetry but still want to include some wood, try two-toned cabinetry so you can have both! If stained cabinetry just isn’t your thing, you can also incorporate wood into the countertops with a butcher block top in one or more areas. Other options include a custom range hood in your favorite wood stain, wooden barstools for your kitchen island, or floating shelves that can be customized to compliment your cabinetry. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate it, wood tones are sure to warm up your space!

2. Hardware

Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL
Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL

Going along with kitchen cabinetry, your hardware finishes are also a great way to add warm tones, even in an all-white kitchen, for example. If you love all the golden tones that mark the summer, look for brass or honey bronze finishes when picking out knobs and pulls. Not only does the color mimic the summer sun, but the metallic quality creates the shiny appearance we associate with golden hour. We recommend getting fancy with your kitchen faucet in one of those golden finishes to really make a statement. If you prefer a touch of gold but are interested in mixing metals (yes, it’s allowed!), try pairing one of those finishes with matte black.

3. Lighting

Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL
Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL

Your kitchen lighting can play a big role in making your kitchen feel warm like the summer sun. When considering your kitchen design, you should consider both natural and artificial lighting. Your kitchen is most likely to give off warmth if you have plenty of windows to let the sunshine in. Consider putting a window above your sink, or several windows on the opposing wall of your kitchen so that the natural light can shine through. Aside from natural light, you should also consider what kind of light fixtures you want to include in your kitchen design. Under-cabinet lighting is a popular choice for making sure every part of your kitchen is light and bright, even under the shadows of your cabinetry. We also recommend adding stylistic pendant lights over your kitchen island. As you choose artificial lighting for your space, make sure to stay consistent with the temperature of the bulbs you’re using. If you’re going for warmth, stay away from the bright LED’s and opt for bulbs that are lower on the Kelvin scale.

4. Texture

Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL
Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL

Just as bright LED lights can make a space feel cold and sterile, so can a bunch of flat surfaces. To avoid this, we recommend adding texture to your space. Adding textures can make a room feel cozier and inviting. The easiest way to bring texture to your home is through linens and fabrics, however that might be tougher when we’re talking about a kitchen. However, you can still achieve this look by bringing in hand towels and upholstered barstools. Texture doesn’t always have to come in the form of fabrics; You can add texture to your cabinetry by experimenting with wire mesh or rattan door fronts or finding a textured tile for your backsplash. You also achieve texture through your kitchen décor by bringing in woven baskets or terracotta vases, for example.

5. Greenery

Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL
Gravel Lane Design Studio - warm kitchen design- Eureka, IL

Since summer is all about being outside, finding ways to bring the outside in ensures your space will stay lively all year long. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by adding greenery to your kitchen décor. Whether this be with faux plants on your floating shelves or fresh flowers as a centerpiece from your local shop, greenery will keep your kitchen feeling fresh while adding a pop of color.

If warm and cozy is your vibe all year round, try incorporating several of these details into your kitchen design for the best results. Not in the market for a totally new kitchen design? That’s okay too! Try simplifying these suggestions to make them work in your existing kitchen. For example, you may not want all new wood cabinets, but there are countless other ways to add wood tones into your kitchen, such as adding a few décor pieces.

Questions about designing your next kitchen? Our team is here to help! Whether you’re still in the planning phases or ready to get started, our team of designers can help you get off on the right foot and answer any questions you may have.

In the meantime, we hope everyone gets plenty of time to enjoy that summer sunshine!

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