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Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

It is finally time to build your dream home or renovate your existing space, so you inevitably ask the question: Do I need to hire a designer? Even if you are really confident in your own style and figure you can handle all the design decisions yourself, we still highly encourage you to consider the value of consulting a design professional to help with your project. While you may be great at styling your home, there are certain advantages that a designer brings to the table that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re on the fence wondering if your project warrants hiring a designer, consider these five reasons why you should hire an interior designer:

Gravel Lane Design Studio - designer adding the finishing touches to unique kitchen remodel - Eureka, IL

1. A designer will help you create a unique space that looks and functions the way you want it to.

Do you ever feel like you know what you want but don’t know how to execute it? Perhaps you are inspired by photos you see online but aren’t sure how to actually achieve the style while still making sure the space is functional? This essentially describes what our designers are skilled at! Imagine you could hand over a few inspiration photos, discuss how you want the space to feel and function, and have someone create a design that pulls from your desired style while making it feel unique to you- that is what a designer does! No more guessing if your home project will come together the way you want it to, instead, you can view a 3D rendering of the space before you even order any materials so you can be confident you will love the result.

Gravel Lane Design Studio - 3D rendering of kitchen remodel - Eureka, IL

2. A designer will worry about the nitty gritty details so that you don’t have to.

It’s no secret that home projects usually involve a lot of decision making- colors, materials, layout, features, style, etc. Especially if you’re doing multiple projects at once, all that decision making can wear you down quicker than you may think. The solution to avoiding decision fatigue? Hire a designer! Having a designer on your side means that you are able to pass off a good chunk of the mental load so you can focus on the things you care about. For example, you can tell your designer what color cabinets you’ve been dreaming of and how you want the layout to look, but you don’t have to worry about the dimensions of every single cabinet- they will take care of that! Similarly, you can name off the features you want your kitchen to have while your designer figures out how to organize it within the layout. The advantage is that you still get everything you want without having to do all the configuring and trying to learn a whole new skill that your designer is already well-versed in.

Gravel Lane Design Studio - professional design layout, blueprints for new unique kitchen remodel design - Eureka, IL

3. A designer coordinates orders, timelines, and deliveries so the project stays on track.

There are often a lot of moving pieces involved in a home remodel or new construction. You are typically going to work with multiple vendors in hopes that everything comes together smoothly. The great thing about working with one of our designers is that you won’t just be handed a project design or product and left to figure out the rest on your own. Our designers do all the cabinetry and countertop orders, keep track of timelines, and communicate delivery dates so you can sit back and watch it all come together. Our designers have experience working with several local vendors and contractors and will be in direct communication with them, so you don’t have to be the middleman. Because of this, you’ll save time (and mental energy) by not having to relay information and your project timeline can stay on track.

Gravel Lane Design Studio - Designers showing off their completed projects - Eureka, IL

4. A designer brings their artistic abilities and industry knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your space.

Another reason why designers are such an asset is that they have years of industry experience that they bring to the table. So, while you might have amazing style and an eye for home styling, if you couple that with an expert that understands the do’s and don’ts of interior design, then you’ve got the ultimate recipe for success! Just as you likely know more than the average person about whatever industry you work in, so do designers. They are skilled at taking your design ideas and perfecting them in a way that works within your space. For those that are not as confident about their design style, fear not, your designer is here for you too! They will get to know you and cater their design recommendations so you can choose from a selection of tried-and-true options that are sure to satisfy. Aside from aesthetics, your designer can help suggest custom storage options that will ensure your space is as functional as it is beautiful.

Gravel Lane Design Studio - projects focused on utility and functionality to make sure the customer gets exactly what they want and need - Eureka, IL

5. A designer cares about the client and the project and will provide a service that goes beyond selecting a product. 

As a locally owned small business, we take pride in our work and are committed to providing our clients with an exceptional experience. Our designers are not simply trying to sell another box line product to you, but instead, they are creating a design that custom fits your needs using high-quality products. Our designers are at your service throughout the duration of your project to ensure everything runs smoothly and the final design meets expectations. Because our designers are highly involved, there’s an extra level of pride and passion that goes into each project. Our designers are often just as excited as the clients to see the finished project come to life!

Curious about how a designer could help you with your next home project? Visit the Meet Our Team page to read our designer bios and get in touch with them to discuss your ideas. Don’t worry if you’re still on the fence about a project, our designers can help determine if we are a good fit for you and your project scope without locking you into anything right off the bat. Prefer to chat in person or on the phone? Our showroom is located in Eureka, IL and our hours are 9am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Walk-Ins are welcome, but if you’re looking for a more individualized appointment to discuss a specific project, we recommend making an appointment. Our showroom can be reached at 309-838-0090 during the hours listed above. We cannot wait to see what we design for you!

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