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Gravel Lane Design Studio - blue teal sitting room library with built in bookcases - Eureka, IL

The Color Comeback

Just as the trees are filling with color as autumn takes over, we are seeing a similar trend happening with home interiors. Color has been sneaking its way back into interiors in subtle ways over the past several years, but we expect to see color really take over in a more daring way. While we still see plenty of neutral palettes, color is definitely making a big comeback.

Gravel Lane Design Studio - beautiful farmhouse style kitchen with green painted unique cabinetry, solid white countertops, warm wood accents, stainless steel appliances, brass colored hardware - Eureka, IL

In the past decade or so, we have seen color take on more of a secondary role to accent an otherwise neutral palette. Examples would be white or wood kitchen cabinetry with a subtle color on the walls, or perhaps a little more bold- a painted island in a deep blue.

In these instances, while there is still color usage, the overall tone of the space is still pretty neutral, which is what these designs were set out to achieve. If you are not all in for a color reformation, these are great examples of how to include color without making it the main focal point. These examples are essentially the stepping stones that will transition interiors from muted tones to vibrant colors.

So what can we expect to see in 2024? We are predicting a strong use of rich colors that will set the mood for interior spaces. Instead of being reserved as an accent, bold colors will make their way to the forefront as the primary palette color.

adding more color to library in eureka il

What Are the Benefits of Incorporating More Color?

There has been a bit of a misconception circulating in recent years that whites, grays, and beiges are the only hues that will make your home feel peaceful and inviting. If you happen to have read anything about color theory, you will know that color is actually a valuable tool that can be utilized to achieve the desired mood of a space. For example, warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) tend to be more stimulating and energetic, making them great choices for a playroom or creative space, while cool colors (greens, blues, purples) are more calming and relaxing, perfect for a bedroom or living room. Depending on the space and what mood you are hoping to create, using colors intentionally can help you achieve the right feeling.

Along with creating a mood, adding color helps you bring more personality to your home to make it feel more “you.” If you start with a blank slate, consider what colors you can bring in that feel personal to you or your family. After all, your home should be a reflection of you. That being said, if neutrals are your thing, there is no need to force the use of other colors. However, it could be a way to create some visual interest in more specific areas. Color is simply a tool to be utilized how you see fit.

Gravel Lane Design Studio - beautiful farmhouse style kitchen with green painted unique cabinetry, solid white countertops, warm wood accents, stainless steel appliances, brass colored hardware - Eureka, IL

How Can I Add Color to My Home?

For those that are ready to bring in color confidently, we have some tips on how to do this while creating a cohesive design. First things first, there are several ways to bring in color besides painting a wall. While this is a great option, you can also bring in color through cabinetry, furnishings, and décor. Since there are so many options, the best place to start is by gathering some inspiration of what colors stand out to you. Take a scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and save your favorite spaces making note of the color schemes you find yourself gravitating towards. You can then visit the nearest paint shop and grab some color samples to see how they look in your space. Quick note: always try out your favorite colors in the space you’re putting them before committing to a color as colors can vary depending on the lighting situation and what other colors they appear next to.

Gravel Lane Design Studio - Rosemary Green painted cabinetry and drawers in modern style kitchen and mudroom - Eureka, IL

If you’re wanting to incorporate a paint color on kitchen cabinetry, a bathroom vanity, or custom built-ins for an office or mudroom, Gravel Lane Design can apply any color you choose to your custom cabinetry. For a dramatic moment, consider painting the walls the same color your cabinetry.

Gravel Lane Design Studio - dark blue painted shelves and cabinets painted to match wall - Eureka, IL

If you are planning to use furniture and décor as your main route to incorporate color, set your color scheme first before purchasing any new pieces, then only look at items that fit your selected colors. If you’re unsure how to create a color scheme and/or execute it in your home, hiring an interior decorator may be helpful. Overall, the main rule with styling your home is to do what makes you happy! Don’t let the thought of what the next owner will think influence how you design YOUR home. Whether your dream kitchen is white, green, blue, or wood, the only thing that matters is if you will enjoy it for years to come. Our designers have experience working with all different types of interior design styles and are committed to taking your favorite styles, colors, and finishes to create the perfect design for your home.

Gravel Lane Design Studio - deep blue painted kitchen cabinets - Eureka, IL
matte green cabinets in kitchen seating area eureka il

If you’re interested in setting up a design consultation to discuss your next home design project, contact us so we can get you in touch with one of our designers.

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