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5 Things in This Custom Kitchen That Just Make Sense

We throw the phrase “custom kitchen” around a lot here at Gravel Lane, but what is it that makes a kitchen custom? Essentially, a custom kitchen is designed with our custom cabinetry line and is therefore fully customizable. A custom kitchen allows for unlimited design potential in style, color, and layout. For this reason, custom kitchens are some of our favorite projects to work on since both the client and designer are able to really get creative. With endless options, though, it can be tough to narrow down exactly what to include in a kitchen design (that’s where our designers come in).

For this particular kitchen project, our clients were set on building their dream home from the ground up. We were lucky enough to work on several rooms throughout the home, and the whole house came together stunningly. However, their kitchen definitely stands out, both because it’s one of the first things you see when you enter the home, and because it simply has some attention-grabbing features. If you’re wondering what makes this custom kitchen so great, we have put together a list of five things in this kitchen that just make sense:

1. Custom Stained Cabinetry

Gravel Lane Design Studio - custom stained cabinetry - Eureka, IL

One of the most noticeable kitchen features that sets the tone for the space is the color of the cabinetry. Since kitchens are usually full of cabinets, that paint or stain automatically becomes the main color in that room. For this kitchen project, the clients wanted stained cabinetry that would complement the flooring they had picked out. A great feature of our custom cabinetry is that there’s no limit on color choices, so if you don’t see what you want in our showroom or want to custom match an existing color in your home, we can do it!

Our cabinet builders were able to create this custom stain specifically for the client and sent a sample door of it which was approved. Because this stain was custom made and didn’t have a name yet, it was named after the client and referred to as such for the duration of the project!

2. Coffee/Beverage Bar

Gravel Lane Design Studio - coffee/beverage bar - Eureka, IL

The only part of this kitchen that is not stained is this painted coffee/beverage bar. Painted in Midnight Oil to match the cabinetry in both the office and mudroom, this drink area features a beverage fridge, coffee pot filler, and drinkware storage. Beverage fridges are becoming even more popular in coffee or beverage bars as well as basement bars. A beverage fridge creates a space for those bottled drinks to stay cool without taking up all the main fridge space.

Also noticeably becoming more popular in kitchens is the pot filler, and while pot fillers are usually seen above stove tops, this one was installed right next to the coffee pot to easily get that morning coffee brewing.

3. Hidden Walk-In Pantry

Gravel Lane Design Studio - hidden walk-in pantry - Eureka, IL

Since this home was a new construction, they had the opportunity to manipulate the kitchen layout to include a hidden walk-in pantry. The double doors of this pantry blend right in with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry, but when opened, they reveal the perfect bonus storage space.

Now while most kitchens have a pantry of some sort to store dry goods, this leveled-up version offers way more storage space, including the opportunity to store kitchen appliances that would normally clutter your countertops. Even aside from functionality, the way this pantry is built into the design of the kitchen gives it a much more luxurious look.

4. Large Island

Gravel Lane Design Studio - large island for extra seating in kitchen - Eureka, IL

When designing a custom kitchen, one of our most suggested features to include is a large island with plenty of seating. Now of course this isn’t always practical in every space, but if the layout and square footage allow for it, we highly recommend putting in a large kitchen island. There are numerous advantages to having a large island, with the most obvious being the amount of counterspace you gain. In this kitchen, the island definitely is the bulk of the counterspace, so it functions as a prep space, but also doubles as a dining space. With seating for five, a whole family could enjoy their meal right from the kitchen. This can be especially handy when entertaining guests, as it’s easy to run out of sitting/dining spaces when there’s more people in your house than usual.

Aside from the countertop space, you also gain more storage as there’s more square footage of cabinetry.

5. Custom Storage

Gravel Lane Design Studio - custom kitchen storage - Eureka, IL

We simply can’t talk about custom kitchens without mentioning custom storage. Since custom cabinetry is obviously fully customizable, we can work in any kind of custom storage that you can dream of. Featured in this project is a two-tiered cutlery drawer, a knife pullout, utensil pullout, double trash rollout, and a tray divider.

Custom storage is the perfect way to customize your kitchen to your needs and ensure that it functions the way you need it to. This kitchen maximized the functionality with these storage features, making it easier to keep kitchen clutter stored away so the natural beauty of the design can shine.

Gravel Lane Design Studio - custom kitchen storage - Eureka, IL

Which of these custom kitchen features would be at the top of your wish list? Is there anything you would’ve changed about this kitchen design? The best part of a custom kitchen is that you don’t have to use any pre-existing designs. You can simply gather inspiration from multiple designs and customize your favorite elements to create a unique design that fits your style.

Interested in learning more about custom kitchens and custom cabinetry? We would love to chat with you! Contact us here with your questions or ideas about your next project!

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